Relocation allowances for Buxton tenants begins

President Uhuru to break grounds for Sh 6bn Buxton Project

Tenants of Buxton Estate in Mombasa have started being issued with cheques to help them vacate their houses to pave way for the affordable housing project.

Mombasa County Lands and Physical Planning Chief Officer June Mwajuma confirmed the report and said that the move follows Environment and Land Court dismissing a petition by some of the residents to halt the redevelopment of the estate.

The residents are expected to receive a compensation of Sh300, 000, but those interested in owning one bedroom houses once the new apartments are constructed are expected to pay a deposit of Sh60,000. The tenants have already been given a cheque of Sh240,000 from Mombasa County government to help them relocate from the houses.

Sh 6 billion housing project

Those collecting cheques were required to sign two agreements including one to relocate and another one for the new house ownership. Mr Joseph Murage, who has been a tenant at the estate for 20 years, said the cheque comes as a relief to him as he awaits the houses to be reconstructed.

“The houses were in a dilapidated condition because they are very old. With the new project, I will not only become a house owner, but also live in a decent house,” he said while receiving the money.

The Sh 6billion affordable housing project involves construction of 1,860 new apartments. Governor Joho led the government in demolishing illegal structures in Buxton as it prepares to bring down more than 500 houses in the estate.

According to June Mwajuma, About 500 units at the estate will be redesigned and redeveloped into modern units. The new complex will have a social centre, a clinic, playgrounds, and water, power and environmental controls. Once the construction begins, it will take 12 months to complete the first phase. She observed that residents will take full ownership of the houses in the affordable housing plan.


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