Tilisi takes big step towards becoming a Smart City

Tilisi takes big step towards becoming a Smart City

Tilisi Views
Tilisi Views

Tilisi Development Plc recently signed a partnership agreement for DoubleGDP to provide software that will enable Tilisi developers and residents access to crucial information and services. As one of the smart cities being developed in Kenya, Tilisi will benefit from a wide range of software services that allow city planners to better engage community stakeholders in the process of developing infrastructure, selling property and supporting residents.

DoubleGDP is a software services provider that enables new cities to connect with residents, and deliver responsive public services while accelerating growth. New city developments are a concept that has grown rapidly over the last decade and is expected to continue gaining traction across many parts of the world especially in Africa and Latin America. DoubleGDP’s software is designed to make municipal and community services more efficient, accountable, adaptable and responsive. It makes frequently used processes more easily repeatable in order to allow for more efficient and more equitable services. In addition, it offers easy-to-use communication tools so residents and businesses can provide feedback and feel heard. The use of such software removes the need for each individual city to develop their own software thereby saving time and valuable resources.

With this partnership, Tilisi residents will have access to features that enable them to submit requests, track status, upload documents, and receive notifications in the Tilisi Development Control “DRC” Approval Process. The software will also allow residents to know where they are in the development and approval process, and know what steps they need to take to advance. Other features include incident reporting, permitting, licensing, business registry, city repairs and other municipal requests.

“It was a great experience visiting Tilisi where I saw firsthand their potential to be a vital logistics hub in a beautiful setting. We’re proud to provide them agile software infrastructure to help them achieve their powerful vision. DoubleGDP will partner closely with Tilisi towards enabling them meet their goal in providing an excellent experience to both residents and businesses within the city.” said Nolan Myers the DoubleGDP CEO.

About Tilisi

Tilisi Development Plc is a400-acre master-planned and mixed-use development located 30km from Nairobi CBD. Tilisi has zoned its property to accommodate developers of logistics, residential, commercial, medical, retail, hospitality and recreational use.

About DoubleGDP

DoubleGDP develops software for new cities that makes municipal and community services more efficient, accountable, adaptable and responsive. The company is based in San Francisco California and was founded in 2019. DoubleGDP’s software is already powering cities in different countries across Africa and Latin America.

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